Deep Space Force

What could be more awesome than a spaceship propelled by nukes ? A spaceship propelled by nukes that's armed with lasers, that's what. A battleship was a real, last-ditch attempt to get Orion off the ground - it failed. But it just screams,"ANIMATION !" in a loud and obnoxious voice.

Now, if I'd been sensible about this, I would have gone for a one-on-one duel between an American and Russian warship. Of course, I wasn't, so I went for six-on-six. Consequently, by the time the battle starts, I was exhausted. And so it remains unfinished. You can read about it in detail on my blog. The final animation is below, but don't expect too much of it - it's an oldie.It has many rudimentary graphical issues, and while it's perhaps not uninteresting, it is definitely too long.



My policy is one of balanced realism : the ships should not travel as close together as a fleet of naval warships, but nor should they be so far apart the audience can't see them. Lasers are allowed to be visible (because it's very much easier for the audience to understand and looks pretty), explosions would have had sound if I'd got that far (because science). Yet the physics should look real - ships can't orient themselves without firing thrusters, nor can they maneuver like jet fighters. They don't bank while turning, and they have to spin to generate artificial gravity.

Cooling fins extended, Gauss cannons at the ready.

 Soviet battleship

Soviet schematic 

Rejected concept : no matter how reflective it is, a thin sheet will always absorb SOME of a laser's energy, so isn't useful.

Soviet ship with anti-laser sail 

Lots of cooling fins since main weapons are energy-hungry lasers.

American battleship 

American schematic 


Rejected concept : a laser this large would be too god-damned powerful and end the battle very VERY quickly.

American ship with giant laser


Soviet cooling fins retracted 

A giant glowing hamburger...


Deep Space Force 

 Sovier upper hull

Soviet lower hull 

Gauss cannon explodes 


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