From time to time there's call for me to make a stand-alone science-based image. In 2007 I was part of the LOC for the IAU Symposium 244 : Dark Galaxies and Lost Baryons. As well as playing technician to get everyone's presentation working, I also made the cover image for the conference proceedings. It shows a galaxy cluster with the lost baryons as glowing gas, with a representation of a dark galaxy silohuetted against it.


I also made the image for the floor at a summer exhibition at the Royal Society. Cardiff's contribution was a booth dedicated to the Herschel and Planck space telescopes, with which we had major involvement. Rather pleasingly, this comes up 3rd in a Google image search for "Timeline of the Universe". It was also nice to see this displayed as a friggin' massive printout, something like 10x6 feet across.


For novelty value I'm also including the Welsh version. The translation was done by Rhodri Evans, also at Cardiff University.


More recently I was asked to create a very, very large timeline image for a wall display. I had a lot longer to work on this one and learned to use Blender 2.6 a little. You can find a much larger version here and a really large version here, but the full, 350 megapixel image is only available on request if you ask really nicely, or offer money, or lots of chocolate.


UPDATE : Visitors who for some reason don't want to download gigantic images can now view the timeline in-browser here.

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