It seems like a good idea to have a page linking directly to a selection of animations. You can find them all on YouTube and on other parts of this site, of course, but maybe you don't want to. Here they are in no particular order.



Well, it's a demo reel. It's reasonably up to date. Not a lot else to say, really.




The Hydrogen Universe

This was my entry to the NSF's 2012 visualisation challenge. It's an ettempt to convince people that radio astronomy is really very pretty. Apparently it didn't work as it didn't even make the top 10, but I still like it anyway.





Animation showing a Xeelee nightfighter unfolding its wings and entering hyperspace.


Mayflower II

More inspiration from Stephen Baxter, Shows a flypast along a 3-mile long generational-design starship, my largest model by an order of magnitude.



Earlier version of "The Hydrogen Universe". Much less informative and a more straightforward attempt at a fantasia. Also shows more rendering techniques than the end product.



Virgo Cluster Tour

A tour through the Virgo Cluster (see science section for details).




As above, but on an altogether different scale.



Project Orion

The atomic bomb spaceship. Slightly better quality than the much more popular version posted by a friend back in 2006 (I wan't using YouTube at the time).



Deep Space Force

Unfinished attempt to depict a battle between two fleets of super-Orion battleships.



2001 : A Short Odyssey

Getting partway through a hopelessly ambitious project is a rite of passage for any CGI hobbyist. Don't fight it.


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