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Suicidal Adventure Land

One of my very few free-form modelling projects with no real goal behind it. When Blender began to implement proper ray tracing, one early feature were these lovely soft shadows from all lamps, something which, incidentally, never made it to the final release version and was only brought back many versions later. Anyway, to test this I made a simple scene of a bottle on a desk. I liked the lighting very much so naturally I elaborated it. And then things took an increasingly surreal and dreamlike turn with every step. I can't say why it evolved in the way it did, but every step just seemed like the right thing to do.

The project was never finished, mostly due to rendering times. Even by today's standards these are respectably high-resolution images, and they needed to be in order to properly convey the sense of scale. That made for slow, memory-intensive renders which in the end made it just too much work. Sure, it would be possible to composite the scene and render in parts, but's a tedious process that takes a lot of the fun out of it. 

Most of these models were made specifically for this project, but some I re-used from other works. The alien known as George and Darth Vader were made by my friend Rhydian Payne.