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Data Visualisation Projects

In these pages you can find galleries of the main data visualisation projects I've worked on. Sometimes these are purely hobby pieces, sometimes for work. There's even a few interactive projects scattered around the place. One or two have made it from the purely digital world into the realm of physical reality. While I'm also very interested in other media like sounds, this isn't something I've ever personally experimented with. For me it's all about the pictures.

Virgo Explorer : Using Blender to load Virgo Cluster galaxies as simple points for basic analysis is useful, but showing the galaxies using optical images is much nicer. Also contains my attempt to depict the Virgo Cluster if they'd mapped it in the 18th Century.

Virgo.glass : The dot glass format is a reliable way to impress people in presentations, and if they're not impressed, that's okay because you can bludgeon them with this whacking great lump of glass instead.

Extragalactic Cartography : Making pretty videos of the nearby Universe, using a combination of ALFALFA catalogue data and the SDSS.

Abstract Hydrogen : Sometimes it's good to go a bit nuts. Most data visualisation projects are about getting scientifically useful information out of the data, but Blender is capable of so much more than this. Here I give myself free reign to making the data look as pretty as possible purely for its own sake.

Hydrogen Skies : Some attempts to convince people that the night sky is really boring, and we'd all be much happier if we could see with radio vision instead. Here's what the sky would look like if we could see the 21 cm emission directly.

Mapping the Milky Way : Describes turning the HI data of our own Milky Way into a 3D map, a challenge made especially difficult because we're inside it.

Galaxy Simulations : A few older simulations visualised in Blender showing what happens to galaxies in a variety of unfortunate circumstances.

VR Experiments : A collection of VR projects, including pre-rendered videos of the Orion Nebula, the Virgo Cluster, the nearby Universe, and an interactive walk through Arecibo.