Rhys Taylor's home page
Science, Art and Data Visualisation


In this section you can find all of my publicly-available codes. These are mainly written in Python but a few are in IDL. There might even be a few FORTAN relics in here, who knows... They're all mainly astronomical but there are a few others included too.

While I do use GitHub, I just don't like it very much and prefer having my own repository. Most of the scripts are short, usually very simple ways to solve a particular problem. They're nothing fancy, not worth developing further, but they're useful for me.

Software :  Two pieces of much larger, multi-functional Python codes that come complete with GUIs. Or go directly to their own pages :

  • FRELLED : Suite of astronomical data visualisation and analysis tools for Blender.
  • GLADoS : Automatic spectral line source-finding algorithm designed for data with multiple polarisations.

Interactive : A few handy tools which I use so regularly I thought it'd be nice to have them available in a web browser. 

Scripts : My main collection of shorter Python codes. Mostly astronomy, of varying degrees of complexity.

Snippets : Reference codes mainly of use to myself, mostly one-line Python commands for how to do specific tasks. A few other Blender resources as well.